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Ulanbaataar, Mongolia

Months I spent on the Mongolian steppes, in a great family with more than 200 horses. I learned about the seasons and the care of the herds. We lived in beautiful Yurts, with just a well far from civilization. We had not enough, we had enough. This is because there lives an unprecedented hospitality among the nomads. am until late at night welcome and will be provided for you and your horse. I want to share this sense of hospitality.

Yet I am shocked by this beautiful country, air pollution in the capital, the waste problem and the huge migration to the capital. Nomads who give up their lifestyle and try the luck in the big city, which have not been adapted to. All because of drought and extreme weather becoming threaten their herds. Stichting Friends of Altai works on location with families on the steppes. To work on a livable existence away from the city. These small foundation we support this project. Not only will you experience the nomadic lifestyle, also contributes to its existence.